We’ve been sewing and ironing like crazy to get ready for the Simsbury Flea and Smorgasbord Show. It’s next Saturday, (rain or shine) April 27, from 9-5. The show is one day only and I’d love to see you there but if you can’t make it, no worries, scarves in stock today and ordered before May 1, will be sold for the current price of $42.00. After May 1, the new price will be $44.95. SORRY- THIS SALE IS OVER!!

Scarves in stock and on sale are $42.00 and are marked in red. Make your selection and text or email here. You should have them in one week. Other scarves are available to order but will take a full four weeks to make and ship. You can see all the scarves larger here.
Spring is all around. It’s such an exciting time!
There are lots of buds all over the yard, but I saw my first flowers today.

Peony Heaven Takes Planning

Spring is the time for fertilizing some plants. Today, it was time for the peonies. Having bought several new plants last year, I thought it important to seek advice from my favorite local peony nursery, Cricket Hill in Thomaston, CT and get some special product to help them along. Along the way, I bought a couple new peonies too-even though they say best planting is done in the early fall.

Ring around the peonies..
Augmenting peony soil in early spring.
Read about it here so you can too. Cricket Hill peonies are so beautiful, they force you to give them the best care you can. Nutrition is so important for maintaining the plant and those beautiful blooms.

See this video for planting new peonies. Yes, that’s Dan the Peony Man who sold me the goods for soil improvement. I added organic compost I had already bought.

Connecticut weather demands maintenance of the outdoor “stuff”- metal, wood, bamboo. We have it all. Not to mention the dwarf Alberta Spruce with a big hole right in front. Replace? UGH, TBD. This spring, the decks, and metal fences will get their sanding and re-surfacing- an almost annual event. I’m planning a couple coats on the metal in hopes of not having to do it again next Spring.
Ahh.. in the end, what’s more important then the delight taken in the wearing of the fruit of our labor? This beauty is called “The Blues.

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