Spring into summer brings with it a delightful profusion of color. To be honest, after a point roses and peonies start to look similar. Even their spicy scents can smell alike. (I’m not complaining- never met one I didn’t like)


Centifolia – Close to 100 petals-  aka the cabbage rose


A stunning herbaceous peony

Then there’s the inevitable green carpels left after bloom. Do they remind you of a jester’s hat? Sometimes they can be quite stylish. (They’re female after all)


Peony Carpel




Paola pillows celebrate spring and summer. Our flowers are grown for their beauty, specific ones chosen to bring pleasure into your home. Once their image wraps around the feather/down insert, creating a three dimensional flower, you’ll think you have a living piece of nature on your couch.

Sometimes musicians can seem ageless in their music. Paul Simon’s music is like that. It’s almost shocking to see how old he looks in video. Even if the song name and lyrics might seem trite, he hasn’t lost the touch. What great rhythm-  This song was produced in February,2016.




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