This morning I could feel it. Summer is on its way. The trees are filling out, the birds and tree frogs are making noise in early morning and the robins are relentlessly building nests where they’re not allowed.

Spent the day outdoors- doing maintenance. Decks and fences needing lots of attention. Never got to them last year which made the job just that more difficult.


Front deck


Back deck

Call me before you buy any bamboo fences or mahogany decks. And yet. Natural materials still fit into the category of stuff I’m crazy about. The look of a natural deck or fence well cared for is a pleasure to behold. What do you think? Today, we got as far as stripping them. These are wet. They dry practically white after being scrubbed and power washed.

In a couple days, we’ll apply the oil stain they require for inclement New England winters. And then onto the fences.

Thank goodness some of the flowers made it through the killing snow. Must be the color pink. Pink, my fave…on top again.Summer

Paul Desmond. This is the music you want after beating yourself up outside in the heat. But don’t expect to get too much done after. I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face. 

This is it! May 31, the last day of our pillow sale…The colors of summer..on your couch.

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