I’ve always been grateful in mid-winter for having a big imagination. There’s real escapist value to mind traveling. Great memories from years ago conjured up on a dark winter day- come rushing back to inspire and entertain.

I offer up the arts as a worthy pursuit for respite in a busy world. The arts bring  downtime for contemplation. For myself, I escape while creating art for my pillows- discovering new angles or combinations of photos that work well in three dimensions. Or, as in this image- creating a mood just for fun with two of my fave summertime sunflowers. Paola pillow flowers can be enjoyed everyday, all year. No travel required!

Hot Sardines is a NY jazz band that offers listeners both visual and auditory fun. Ironically, its founders were two non-musicians who admit they never intended to form a band. What are we all waiting for???? http://youtu.be/Q4-XIKt-ADs

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If interested, more about Hot Sardines: http://hotsardines.com/about/





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