Today I was raking in a hurry- again. I take great comfort in working outside. Raking and weeding help absorb any mental angst I might be feeling. The natural world is one way to find comfort- from both everyday challenges and really big ones like the recent killings overseas. How do you find comfort?

I’ve gardened for many years. I love to get my hands and nose into it. There’s a cycle to the work I find very satisfying. It’s predictable. My interest in applying outdoor images of flowers and plants for use in home décor is to offer their intrinsic beauty as a balm for busy lives. Each pillow captures an image taken in season. This peony is one I caught in Full Bloom. Look for her next summer. You can see more pillow images here.  Paola Pillow art is meant to be held, not hung.take-comfort-in-nature

Music also brings comfort. This is a very different Annie Lennox than I remember. And, a traditional lullaby from her Scottish roots.

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