There’s a shopping mall near our house that used to be a 44 -acre brass mill complex. For many years after it closed it was an eyesore. Until it was re-created with new purpose- a shopping destination- complete with pictures of metal gears on the walls.

I love to shop-more than most-but do you ever grow weary of it all? Finding the best steal at the lowest price? Is price really the ultimate benchmark for value and the pursuit of happiness?


Heavenly Hostas

Paola Prints is a designer and manufacturer of luxury decorative pillows made in the United States. We spend lots of time designing, planning, sewing and crunching numbers. We’ll never be the cheapest-not even close. But I’m OK with that. Conceived with passion, designed and made with care- from our gardens to your home. Each pillow is a work of art we’re proud to be known by. And, Paola Pillows are washable-built to last.

Every year on the 4th of July I think people realize almost spontaneously- that really important things come at a price-sometimes beyond what any of us could fathom paying. Things that have intrinsic value for people.

Like Freedom. “Oh, Freedom” is a post-Civil War, African American song associated with the American Civil Rights Movement –performed here by the Golden Gospel Singers- a group of traveling musicians founded in 1990. The performers originally all came from Harlem where founder Bob Singleton grew up. The images paired with the music are especially striking in light of this year. Let’s continue the work of freedom.

Happy Fourth of July!


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