The forecast for this morning was “a wintry mix by 10:00” so it made sense to jump out of bed and put the bulbs in before breakfast. Later, as I ran down to empty the wheelbarrow of leaves and branches, I heard it. The sound of silence.

Sound of Silence

How quickly  it changes. Yes, those white spots are snow!

It was a wonderful feeling-quiet, heavy air. Difficult to describe. You know it. It’s a silent coming together of all the senses at once -close by yet outside your personal space. An anticipatory awareness of something you have no control over. Winter approaches.

Sound of Silence

Shuffleton’s Barbershop-Norman Rockwell. One of the paintings that was to be sold to bail out the museum from financial difficulty. I’m not a huge fan of the Rockwell style but there’s no denying the man’s excellence.

I read an article today on a temporary injunction against the intended sale of some Norman Rockwell paintings in MA. Regardless of the outcome, my takeaway was the intrinsic value that can be assessed to a work of art.  Something that goes beyond, or exists in spite of a price tag. It’s the real talent that keeps people going to museums and live music.

We all need something that tugs at the  shared human spirit -in spite of everyday stuff that needs doing. It’s there where you can safely lose yourself. Like beauty that exists for its own sake- without you having to acquire it. Nature is this way.

Sound of Silence

Can you tell which are the new, blue parrot bulbs? They look good enough to eat. I relocated the aging bulb traveler. (lower right)

Back in the garden. I was relieved to discover that we had only frozen down 3-4 inches deep which left me the opportunity to plant the 5 dozen bulbs in need of a home today. I did manage to disturb at least two bulbs from last year. I also cut back some perennials. I will not wait so long next year! The ground is too hard to turn or rake well.

Sound of Silence

Beautiful lily seed haul

Lily seeds…have you found any pods on your lilies? Cut off the pods and follow directions. You know I’m going to try this…

Tips on cutting back perennials

General Plant Care Tips:

Sound of Silence

Lily pads, water, sun and plants. It doesn’t get much better.

This is an original recording by Simon and Garfunkel- one of their classics. I didn’t want to use this track as it didn’t have a video associated. An additional version sung live in 2009, works  OK but doesn’t have the magic. So close your eyes and just listen. I want you to listen to the voices in harmony- The Sound of Silence

Paola Pillows are designed to bring natural beauty into your living space no matter what the weather brings.

Sound of Silence


 Palma and Woodland

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