Before very long, the snow will fly in the garden. In the meantime, lots of work still to be done. Most of the garden is covered with leaves. I’m not yet ready to clean up. I’ve been transplanting hosta to fill some bare spots and tomorrow will be moving the large phlox into its own space. The three new Japanese willow bushes are in the ground, and I’m trying to keep them watered.  The fall garden can seduce one to itself to the exclusion of much else. It’s fun!

fall garden
I love how ragged the garden gets before the hard frost comes. Dew clings on the evergreen, and the impatience just can’t stop blooming.
fall garden
One last iris blooming. I threw a pillow case over it a few nights ago for fear of the impending frost. In the morning it was leaning over. I staked it and was rewarded with the first of three extravagant pale peach blooms. I bought some big purple iris from a local gardener and planted six more roots next to the peach one. I think I need a few more daffodils. Waiting on garden center sales.
You’ve got to keep traveling in the New England in the fall. There is no more beautiful season. I drove up to Boston with my daughter for a bridal shower. On our way home we stopped for church at this most impressive gothic creation- Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Mission Hill. The gorgeous sunny fall day was a great day for visit and travel.
I was once again, struck by all the cable tracks and power cords on display in the city. I took this photo in Sommerville. Somehow the painted mural makes it all easy to integrate.
fall garden
Last week was a very busy scarf week. I finalized three new cotton infinity scarf designs and sent them out to print. Time to start sewing this week for upcoming fairs. I can’t wait to see these three!

Speaking of crazy busy, the somewhat frantic pace of Jenny and the Mexicats “Frenético Ritmo” is infectious. Gotta love the horn.

We have some chiffon scarves in stock- I plan to finish up some of the cottons in a few weeks. You can see many here.

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