Valentine’s Day quickly leads one to thoughts of SPRING. Have you bought something for your honey yet??? And then there’s the craft fairs. We’re looking at craft fairs and pillow sales for spring and early summer.

I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t enjoy setting up a booth and entertaining people passing through.  It’s also such a hopeful time of year when you can start planning into warm weather! Don’t you think so?

Craft Fairs are Coming

craft fairs

                                   Westport Fine Arts Festival

We just found a craft fair in Greenwich coming up in May- just around the corner. May 19 and 20 –The event is held on the grounds of the Bruce Museum. Sounds fun. Then there’s The 45th Annual Westport Fine Arts Festival. It’s been around a long time – a bonafide street fair. It’s not until July but also looks great – Very well attended and lots of cool art. Saturday, July 14 and Sunday, July 15 -10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

House Plant Care

I fed all the houseplants a little “pick- me-up” last week. Fertilizer in their water. They need it this time of year. Do you have succulents that are all stretched out? Lots of space between leaves – tall and skinny? Most likely they just need better light. Unfortunately, you won’t get them to improve by moving them once they’re too tall. Pruning is the first step. Here’s some details on how to bring a tall skinny succulent back.

craft fairs


This is an Echeveria variety I cut back and re-planted the cuttings from. It’s filling out nicely and already looks like it’s going to need more help soon. One other thing I learned about succulents. Always water the soil, not the leaves.

Plants for Honeybees

Here are some plants you might want to consider for your outdoor garden this year. I saw a great article about plants that honeybees like. I was thrilled to find one I put in a couple years ago. It’s called Amsonia (Blue Ice) and has a wonderful pale blue color flower with silver green foliage. The flowers  aren’t incredibly showy but the whole plant is a lovely garden addition that gets nice and bushy. Mine is about 1.5 to 2’ tall. Some great ideas for good plants in the northeast, that bees will love to discover. Why that looks just like a Viburnum I planted a couple years ago-its flowers smell divinely spicy.

craft fairs


craft fairs


Justin Townes Earl- An American Singer Songwriter, son of alternative country artist Steve Earle and named after Townes Van Zandt. Broke into network TV on the Letterman show in 2011. Nice to see he’s making progress- a 2014 Austin TX recording. Burning Pictures

Like so many artists, Justin has battled drug addiction. He got married in 2013, had a daughter and is currently touring. Good luck Justin! More about Justin.

Roses are a favorite flower any time of year. Paola Pillow roses offer that elusive quality rose givers are always looking for…longevity! Paola roses are beautiful every time of year and last way past the hot house variety. Order three roses by February 7, and we’ll ship them to you by Valentine’s Day- Free Shipping too! But you must reach out to me here.


craft fairs

                                              Rosa. Peachy. Pink. Perfect.













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