Memories of summer have always included water. My parents knew that given the heat of DC, we had to get to water. Ocean, lakes, summer camp – even the ammonia -scented swim hall at school. And in desperate times- the hose out back. That blessed sensation of WET somehow made it all right.

My husband and I visited White Water Falls in North Carolina this past spring, driving over from Greenville South Carolina, where we lived last year. White Water is the highest waterfall east of the Rockies, falling 811 feet. Makes you wish you were standing under it right now!

It’s impossible to always get to the real thing out of doors. It’s those times when you want an indoor respite. What makes your house a haven in the heat of summer? It’s the things you surround yourself with that relax you. A shelter from the storm. Photos can also be powerful that way. Headed there now…


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