How often have you heard that statement? I know I have, from food to computers. I suggest it’s a story often told but rarely acted upon. I don’t know about you, but I look at something and, if I like the look of it, I go straight to the price tag.

What has happened here???? Looks and price. Isn’t there something else in the middle? As in, how it feels, how it tastes -how it lasts? Intrinsic value- as opposed to a flash in the pan and the lowest price you can Google?

The problem is we’re just a little programmed to skip a whole lot of the “in between.” The part that makes a difference when you get it home or three weeks later when it’s falling apart.


Paola Pillows: The perfect package, inside and out.

Paola pillow inserts are down filled with all cotton covers- (Made in the USA) tightly stitched- and so soft you might just become a couch potato this winter. We use no less than a 20” insert for an 18” cover, so it’s just the right puff for the size. They’re designed to feel good.

When we remodeled our home, we made a large multi-purpose room on the main floor. With light colored bamboo flooring throughout to unify the space that now includes an open kitchen with a central island and adjoining space for dining, sitting and TV areas. It feels great, we love it. Kitchen

It’s still evolving. More here…

Recently, I realized we really need an armoire or hutch that’s enclosed – the better to hide less used items without collecting dust. These things take time to figure out. It’s great to have lots of options in the space that can change, even seasonally- without a lot of effort.

I saw this article about decorating large spaces without walls that was helpful.

And, if you enjoy the modern look, here’s some photos from their pinterest site that may give you more ideas.

Here’s a great song to come home to – Sam Cooke, son of a Baptist minister first performed at the age of nine with a group called “The Singing Children.”

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