Having worked in color all my life, I’ve never been intimidated by its use. Add to that an obsession with fairy tales and well, we’re off! I remember when a very successful decorator, on seeing my brightly colored pillows in NYC became vexed with me. “Too much color! Didn’t I know, color is intended for walls-as ART?” I admit it, I’m a little color crazed. But why does art have to be limited to walls?

Overtime, I came to see a certain wisdom in her comments. Color, is challenging to integrate, and color carries with it, certain moods, which further complicate their use.

I find that people indulge more in the use of color on scarves rather than in home decor. Different category. Women, generally, give themselves permission to wrap their bodies up in color, especially as a decorative accent. Certain cultures are awash in color fantasy with little excuse and great abandon. I ADORE the feeling in this image. More images from Jose

Jose Cabezas, Reuters photographer based in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Minerals, their source, texture, colors and use have fascinated me from childhood when we visited the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC. My favorite was always a section formerly called The Hall of Rocks and Minerals where the Hope Diamond lives. Fascinating other mineral info. Do you love to read about this? I do.


Semiprecious lapis lazuli was ground up through history in the creation of a blue pigment called ultramarine- a favorite color in my paint box. Photo, courtesy of Christina Warner.
Lapis blue through history-An extraordinary story of ancient women painters. Prepare to be wowed.

Earth Pastels. For some reason, I want to eat these.
Natural Paint Recipe

How about dying fabric using natural materials? Save this link!

I indulge my passion for color in gardening and photos of them then appear on my fabric. Love, love, love. always.

Donovan says it best. Colours.

Did you know? Paola Prints has a new scarf just out this January. The Blues. Made to order.

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