It’s always a kick when the gladiolas show up after weeks of rain and green. There’s something special about the white ones too. Gladiolas are my one ongoing concession to a summer bulb. Planting and staking, digging up and storing. And starting over again next year. The gift they give is a long running bloom- pretty both in the garden and at home.


H. plantagina just before its first year bloom. I’d forgotten it was coming but the unusual bud layers intrigued and rang a bell. Big flower surprise!

The special hosta I planted last year has re-appeared, a forgotten gift of large flowers and fragrance- you won’t find another hosta quite as unique as H. plantagina. They bloom later than the usual April to June hosta, have giant flowers that emerge end of day and they smell like lilies! Some call it an August Lily. I’m partial to this variety’s light green leaves.


H. plantaginea flanked by halcyon hosta. Halycon has a beautiful blue leaf and is quite geometric in its formation. A tidy garden addition.

H. plantaginea is the mother from which all fragrant hostas flow. It originated in China, unlike most varieties that hale from Japan and Korea. It has the largest bloom too- pure white sometimes 6” long. More sun loving than other varieties. And you prolly want to stake them. And water when in bloom. Interesting info here.


Balloon flowers, especially white, are interestingly classic in shape. Notice the unique balloon bud to the right.

Balloon flowers are back. The buds look like balloons- they open into a striking spike shape and come in several colors. I’m partial to white. Cut them back in late spring and mulch them over. Fun balloon flower video


White Phlox are a wonderful addition in late summer.

Phlox is a great garden flower. (Not so great in bouquets as it quickly drops petals and makes you wonder once again, why you brought it in). This plant I’ve been spraying with a baking soda blend periodically as the damp weather has intensified its natural propensity for mildew. (1 tsp soda to one gallon) I keep a sprayer around and spray when I see white or after rain. You don’t want it to get ahead of you. Slugs are on board too. ( Slug Magic as needed around the plant base.)

Adrienne Lenker

The awesome voice of Adrienne Lenker is the reason for this song’s posting. Adrienne had quite a send-off at the age of five when a railroad spoke landed on her head in Minnesota. And she was born into a religious cult. Lived with her Dad a fanatical song writer, for some time and learned music through the association with her Dad from a very young age.  She writes about it here.  She’s a fighter for what she’s passionate about. I give her a lot of credit for her self- advocacy. Some might say a good role model for women of all stripes. Masterpiece-from Big Thief, her second album. The second song Paul, is also a good one. I’m not crazy about Adrienne’s accompanist, Texan Buck Meek. He’s since gone solo and released his first album Cannonball. 

Two popular Paola Pillows are headed out start of the week. Perfect and Palma.


Palma and Perfect Rose play very well together.

You can buy the pillows or the covers. Questions? Email me.

It’s scarf sewing time again. I Feel Pretty, Golden Hosta, and Glory Green are sold and awaiting attention on the sewing machine.  See all the scarf designs and order here.  Great for gifts!

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