We’re still waiting for that winter wonderland in Litchfield, Connecticut. I’m not complaining. It just seems odd that Christmas has come and gone without any snow to speak of. Will winter feel longer when it does?

Just sending off my sister back to Ames, Iowa after a few days. Now, the holidays are officially over as we head back to our REAL lives.

For the rest of you also on re-entry-I found this quote helpful. How often to you diminish what you do? Not that artists have a corner on that market but we do a bang-up job at comparing what we do to others and reducing ourselves in the process.



Howard Schatz, Photographer. A great quote in a recent blog post: “I sometimes felt that making photographs was, in terms of its effect on humanity, comparatively unimportant, even frivolous. He responded that I was wrong and said something like, “You are making original art, showing the world a unique way of seeing. Such artistic endeavor brings enlightenment to many more thousands of people than one can positively effect as a physician. You ought feel great about all you’ve done.” More blog here

And, if you’re a country music fan, even sometime country music fan, this is an interesting read. Take some time later in the day and listen to the music as you reflect on the new year ahead.

Or- if you just need a hug, consider a soft cotton and beautiful down Paola Pillow.

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