Paola Pillows are indoor pillows, all soft cotton and down- no vinyl cyanide onboard*. I couldn’t resist placing them outdoors for a cheery snapshot of a sunny winter’s day. As usual, I revel in the incongruities of life. Creative license taken here.


Incongruities worn well. An original Paola jacket.

Every curious soul is impelled to push the boundaries of his or her existence. To find new meaning, to learn new things, to create a new context for old ideas that need updating. When done successfully, people benefit. One of the reasons I was originally fascinated with appliqué was the juxtaposition of incongruities. Denim and lace, sparkle and tie-dye, military bars. Assembling elements that aren’t usually neighbors, generates a new conversation.


                Sofia Bonati

Sofia Bonati is a self- taught Argentinian artist who created an interesting collection of images about the role of woman in society. Does she disappear when she fits in, how is each woman unique and what impact does she have on life around her?

Japanese women raised in an ancient culture perhaps have to work even harder to differentiate themselves from the very traditions that identify themselves, in order to become themselves. Yayoi Kusama, an avant-garde sculptor and painter was born in 1929 and ran away from home when her family insisted she “just grow up and get married.”

Musicians, in a unique way reveal their inner truths, shared publicly with strangers. Those who do it well, have the capacity to move generations. The creative process can be difficult at the best of times. Dolores O’Riordan, lead singer for The Cranberries, passed away this week at 46. She suffered many years from depression and physical pain. American jazz singer Melody Gardot’s career took off on the heels of a devastating bicycle accident learning and playing through her rehabilitation. Both women, excelled as performers. Very different. What do you think? The Cranberries- Linger ; Melody Gardot – Baby I’m a Fool.

You’ll find the full Paola Pillow family here, and you can buy some for yourself!


                              Paola Pillows in a more familiar context

*More about “vinyl cyanide” a key ingredient in Sunbrella outdoor fabric. You decide if embracing this ingredient is worth the convenience of leaving your pillows outside.

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