In between sales calls, printing oversight and identifying shows, I find myself at times rebelliously fading back to design exploration. You can see looking at my site that color is very important to me. The “pop” of color is better described as an EXPLOSION.

Creating for an audience forces an artist into a dynamic sometimes foreign to us- the tension between what floats my boat vs. what floats yours. We all experience and integrate color in so many different ways.  Black and white is an exciting new frontier for my pillow art!

The first step in the process is converting an existing color photo to black and white. After that, there are virtually limitless tools available for re-creating a new work of art. In this case, I chose an existing pillow I particularly like called White Hosta.Whhosta27 The conversion from color to black and white quickly reduces the image to continuous, less than exciting greys.  You lose the contrast. I then combine the results with drawing accents, modulating dark and light, and texture. It takes time but the results really are new. The next step is proving its success through test printing and revisions. Stay tuned.

I’ve always had a fairly eclectic taste in music.  I like almost all music, if interesting and played well or played well with other musicians. In this case, I’m liking jazz. What do you think?  The leather and sequins aren’t bad either. The very versatile, four-time Grammy nominee Karrin Allyson is coming to Ridgefield,Connecticut in May! I’m going, are you?

BTW. I still favor wild colors in pillows. Which one would you like to see in black and white???

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