It’s complicated. I tend to think that when people see Paola Pillows, they know the whole story. My art begins in the garden. The process is important.

Artist Gardener

Notice the beautiful iris bulbs lower right-they’ll be purple and rust.

I was talking with someone today about showing my pillows next June at an event for  gardeners in the Northeast. She was most interested in the pillow designs she’d seen online, especially as they were made by an artist local to northwest Connecticut. I offhandedly said that the pillows were actually made from flowers I grew here in Litchfield-  which was surprising to her. An artist gardener.

Artist Gardener

Color matching. We print in small quantities on a high speed press. Intense colors through fiber reactive printing nets permanent and washable colors.

It’s surprising at times that so much of what we eat, wear and put in our homes, comes from all over the world- sometimes from places we don’t know anything about. I’ve worked hard to keep my production work close. Paola Pillows are (grown) designed, printed and sewn in the USA. It’s challenging to manage color when you can’t mix it yourself as painters do. And to ensure that the design as printed, meets at seams in the way you expect it to. Not quite as simple as if shaped it with your hands from clay, stone or wood. Working across media is very involved, and yet, it can also be  challenging and rewarding to see the finished pieces become as intended. One integrated design.

Artist Gardener

Almost three inches of gravel surround each bed. Maintenance will be interesting.

The basic hardscape of our new garden is complete. It’s far from finished but  finally tidy! The boxwoods are planted, fertilized, mulched and get watered daily. The new grass seed on the surrounding lawn actually looks green- which is always surprising. How quickly an expanse of wet dirt, seed and hay is transformed into lawn. Well sort of.

I’ve started putting some bulbs into the ground but really, not too much else will happen until Spring. My husband was successful blowing the first maple leaves off the gravel and garden beds for the first time today. Getting ready for winter. Generator tested, pellets and wood on order. Are you ready? We have time! Still enjoying those dahlias and newly-changing tree colors.

I was impressed with the subtle collaboration on this song. “Shape of My Heart.” Sting & guitarist Dominic Miller co-wrote and perform it together.

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