Fashion Week speaks to party girls. Many ladies who like to party, and specifically, “make” a party, know what I’m talking about. The secret pleasures in anticipation are at the HEART of what drives outrageous colors, ideas,  decorations and cooking. You know, the best parts of an event.

In New York, Fashion Week 2018, was just the ticket for outrageous colors. Here are some photos that tickled my fancy. Who knows which clothes are intended for day wear or for night wear. Both are equally outrageous. And those with an insane drive for color were totally indulged. Myself included.


I’m pretty sure the clothes to the right are night wear, as in bedtime. But WHY? The soft electric sensation is just too good to keep to oneself. Agree


Calvin Klein, when less color is just more.

colorsPersonally, my love of the garden is daily fraught with an insane drive for color. Nature serves it up plant by plant with a modicum of effort.

Never give up on a color craze, anytime of year. Paola Pillows are made expressly for your year round color enjoyment.

colorsJohn Mellencamp has been rocking out for quite some time. This earlier version of him is fun, and oddly fashion conscious, not an attribute I might have associated with the man. Just your basic.. glam. I like what they did with the camera too.

Ain’t Even Done With the Night

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