We found this statue in Brimfield, MA. My mother asked me why we got it- I really don’t know. We liked it.  As we put the rest of our house together the experience became.. a merger of many things we might not have considered individually.

There’s a lot to consider in putting a house together- its colors, its layout and décor. If you’re making changes in your home, take the time you need to really work things through. Consider the seasons for example. You’ll be in your home all year long. Different seasons might call for different kinds of spaces inside, maybe even different colors.

I love the wildness of leaves blowing everywhere in the fall-without any consideration for gardens, lawn, or for those of us cleaning up. The leaves seem to collude with the rain, which is always happy to carry them the farthest possible distance from their trees.

This time of year, I gravitate to hot, intense colors. We chose a dark red/orange accent wall in a few rooms to warm the house in cold weather. (I love putting on white twinkle lights at night. Actually I keep lights up all year long to turn on for a party or just because…) Ok, I admit it, we now have the lights on “auto” so they come on EVERY night at 7:30. And, with the end of daylight savings, maybe even one hour earlier.

Here’s a cool-looking space for a nice warm wall color. Even though I’m not into a lot of Texas décor, it has its place! I think I’d pass on the lavender pillows -preferring a red Paola Pillow of course.. https://maps.gstatic.com/m/streetview/?ll=32.6822283,-97.4118297&spn=0.18,0.3&cbll=32.6822283,-97.4118297&layer=c&panoid=Qd2HuJaFjY0AAAGu5u14Rg&cbp=,34.0,,0,-0.0&cid=17152055762734415564&q=Adobe+Interiors&output=classic&dg=ntvb

Like this one:Red-Paola

It’s coming soon…this fall! Maybe you should consider RED for the holidays? Subscribe here if you haven’t yet, so you can get your hands on some pillows when they come out… https://paolaprints.com/subscribe/

Carole King has a great warm voice. I enjoy her in the fall too. http://youtu.be/vk82V1-VgKg


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