I got my first introduction to the rain forest when I visited my son Dan in the state of Washington last year. Did you know it’s not uncommon to have different weather systems in a rain forest? If you ever walked through one and it started raining of a sudden, you’d quickly get the picture. The trees are huge and the high canopy creates the feeling of a cathedral in the out-of-doors. Wonderfully quiet – a mysterious sensation.The formal garden is now two years young. My original plan had been to create a secret garden, private and enclosed on all sides. Silent as the rain forest. My garden is never silent and the sounds of birds, tree frogs and the like are always welcome. Sometimes, I look out and wish we had more activity out there. It takes time. Each year things get a little denser and taller. This year, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at this year’s rainfall as it cuts down on the number of times I need to water. Can you imagine the growth if we were in the constant heat dark a damp rain forest?

Before and After in the Garden

rain forest

The two photos aren’t totally the same angle so I drew on the “before” to give orientation for comparison.

rain forest

No giant privacy wall yet but the English iron gate and growing foliage are creating enclosures of their own. The requisite walkways over the drainage pipes open the garden visually also. And, gotta have 3 feet min for a wheelbarrow!

rain forest

The Hoh Rain forest in Olympia National Park, Washington State last year with my son, Dan. Look round. You can feel the quiet. More about the Hoh here.

Some great video and audio of a couple other rain forests. South East Queensland Australia– a world from 100 million years ago. Check out the trees. Giants. It’s lengthy so you’ll want to wait till you have time. The rain forest is not REALLY quiet. Take a listen to “Rainforest Reverie”– sounds from the rain forest.

rain forest

A new design I’m working on.

If I leave my doors open in Litchfield these evenings, the little outdoor creatures are quite noisy. Do you hear them too? After gardening, it’s fun to work on new scarf designs.  I still have tulips on my mind. Current designs for sale are here. Next week new fabric is coming back from the printer to review and sew. Can’t wait!

rain forest

Perfect is a delightful Paola Pillow. A great way to enjoy flowers without the work. On your couch!

I’d be remiss in not sharing a piece of interesting and different music. Instrumental. Roy Buchanan, was an American guitarist and blues artist from Arkansas. He was a pioneer of the telecaster and considered a very influential player that other greats have followed. The song is Soul Dressing. Can you hear Eric Clapton?















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