The first blast of Spring flowers has past, leaving in its wake rich young green colors on every side. What’s budded up in CT right now? Well, the peonies are starting their show…

This batch of peonies is a few years old and gets lots of sun. The bushy plants are fully twice as tall as those in the formal garden and covered in buds.

The day lilies are dutifully rearing their crooked little heads as the astilbe flower stalks get fatter by the day. Welcome patches of purple spiderwort are bearing their first flowers even as they demand staking. Spiderworts are great this time of Spring, as little else is blooming. Their fat numerous buds are a promise of continuous flowering.

Hosta flowers are not yet visible but for the first time, our giant mother hosta is throwing off babies in every direction. Love it!
Aquilina was the very first pillow I made and her image came from this hosta. A lovely blue infused leaf with deep veins the better to catch morning dew. See all the pillows here!

A few patches of new white allium have appeared I don’t even remember planting. And don’t forget the Japanese Willow this time of year for eye-catching garden color. You’d almost think the azaleas are still blooming. The copious white leaves on their long waving tendrils lend the illusion of flowering without the short-lived blooms of actual flowers. I’m working on three new bushes this year to put in strategic places after summer. White striped hostas also offer a pleasant break in solid greens.

Amsonia is a hardy June perennial whose crystal blue flowers lend a lovely soft hue that complements the greens beautifully. And very low maintenance.

And if you need to find more flowers, here are some thoughts. CT Blossom Finder- What’s blooming when in the NE. And only because CT Poppies haven’t yet bloomed I’ll offer this article on poppies in California ( past) just because they’re so pretty. Plan for next year. Great to check out if you’re in the neighborhood earlier in the season. A Poppy Preserve!

I’ve been hard at work in the garden pruning, watering and transplanting. My work on computer and sales is minimal. Make hay while the sun shines. Every gardener understands that principle as seasons change making timely demands for care. Take advantage of conditions when the time is right. What gardener hasn’t been thrilled with the soaking rain days you don’t need to water.

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Some scarves are in stock today for the asking…like Ariel

When the sparkling solar lights pop up at the end of day in the garden, it puts me into a jazz kind of mood. I love this song by Heather Rigdon. Not Quite. Born in 1974 in Florissant MO, Heather like many musicians started touring performing religious music with her parents and three sisters in their case as Pentecostal singers. Heather was also influenced by Ray Charles (yay)! More about Heather.

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