I had to rush home today and shoot one of my very newest pillows- I love this version of a lighter green hosta known as August Moon. It’s a first for me as I often use a very different hosta for pillows. This one is a strong light green color. I call the pillow Palma, as she reminds me of palms- Gentle and even in her drama. An interesting combo.

This time of summer, there’s a lot of green outside. Some hydrangea varieties are just blooming but the hybrid lilies are still holding out- not quite ready to be seen. With all the rain we’ve been having in Connecticut, I’m about to give up on weeding-can’t hardly make a dent, you know? Here’s a cool bit of green my niece posted you might enjoy: http://tinyurl.com/nkw4u8cMGD-3199Palmweb

I heard this song by Paul Simon the other day – Born At The Right Time. It made me think about how important it is for a person to find his or her intrinsic value and work it. https://youtu.be/9GGuIFdIcTk

We were ALL born in the right time. As the daughter of an immigrant artist, I remember how much my father struggled with a really poor self-image. Many years later, my mother was quietly remarking how lucky she was to be living in a lovely nursing home- she, the wife of a lowly college professor- who raised eleven kids who all went to college and several onto advanced degree programs.

Do you THINK, we might have inherited any self-image problems? I’ve decided to embrace the awful truth- I too, was born at the right time.

Love the colors that speak to you. Choose colors that make you happy. I make lots of very different pillows for precisely that reason. They’re each personal and very different. Waiting for the right person to claim them. What color are you?


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