There’s a certain amount of panic that surfaces as I reflect on these words. I suspect I’m not alone in not feeling ready. Did you know that the ceremony of exchanging gifts in antiquity was linked with buying a proper passage from life to death? Yikes! Fortunately I’m planning to live a very long life.

I love this time of year. As my kids grow farther away I treasure more their presence and having good times together than just about any other thing.

Decorating the house provides  a festive space for that exchange. I spend time infusing our home with all the smells, colors, sights and sounds that make it special for Christmas.

When we did our house over, we kept the furniture spare, and as the walls came down there was a reluctance to fill it again with anything that wasn’t special. There’s a luxury to living with less if it means you can create room for things you really treasure. It’s one reason why I enjoy making Paola Pillows: Each design is special to me.

Often, I’ve raised each selected plant from seed or bulb; watered and fertilized it in the growing season, and cut it down in fall to keep the plant healthy for another year. I take good care with its printing to natural fibers and careful sewing so it can become part of someone else’s good memories overtime. Something to be saved and treasured.

This was not the song I thought I was looking for. Judy Collins and Leonard Cohen- “Hey, that’s no way to say good-bye.” Recorded in 1976-almost 40 years ago. It’s not often that you can focus on a musician’s voice, or voices together over the instrumentals. The quality of two performer/songwriters working together out loud is special to hear.

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