Motoring through Thanksgiving signals the start of holiday preparation in earnest. And a time to spend more time reviewing photography for new new scarf designs. If you’ve been watching the emerging designs, you know I’m addicted to all shades of pink. With the holidays, I made a concerted effort to add the traditional reds and greens.


Yes, I use Woolite and have always loved the smell it lends each scarf.


And with sewing comes the colorful band aid to keep blood from dripping on scarves. I bought some really nice sharp scissors -that’s the down side.

With the brisk ordering in November, scarf production is in full swing. 

I hand wash each scarf before air drying and trimming it down to sew. Once sewn, I press the scarf with a damp cloth to flatten the stitching. Small scale production is a job I enjoy and as there are so many parts I can stop one part when it’s not fun and move onto another. And then away they ship to forever homes. I like that part too!


Aqua Darling



Interestingly enough, Aqua Darling has been a hot seller this time of year. Nostalgia for the green of summer? I just sold the first two rose scarves, a new scarf I call Bouquet. I Haven’t had time to add it to the scarf page!



Red Roses- Stay tuned.

I’m working on another design for Mother’s Day to finally get to everybody’s romantic favorite RED roses. What do you think?


The family that cuts trees together stays together.

We had a great time shopping for our Christmas tree with my daughter and her husband for what we hope will become a tradition. Uncle Frank’s Christmas Trees in Bethlehem is the best – a cozy little well-manicured tree farm with all kinds of trees. Pick and cut your own.


My tree man cuts our tree. I decorate.

Who Holds Your Hand? A great tune for this time of year. I’m a huge fan of being with those you love during the holidays. The gift of friends is better than anything. Patty Larkin is a Boston- based singer /songwriter who grew up in a musical family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She began classical piano studies at the age of seven. Her new album will be released in Spring 2019. Stay tuned.


Classic Hosta

Paola Pillows are a wonderful present to cozy up a living space. Pick two or three- they’re in stock now from me direct- either with or without inserts. Call or text: 203-206-5819. Email.


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