Autumn colors are unique in their unmatched intensity of hues. Gold and reds are luminous when bathed in a bright and chilly late afternoon. This dahlia was languishing on the dining room table- drooping, petal ends fast discoloring – until I carried it outside to the garden once again. It’s where I prefer to shoot- in natural light.

Color is so subjective. It’s one of the things I enjoy about shooting outside. Every second brings color changes with light, angles or settings. I struggle with equipment- moving a lot -with little regard for circumstance. Happily this time of year, most garden inhabitants don’t care if I casually stomp them. (They’re so ready to lay down for winter).

The reds you see here are actually from my pillow called Rosa. I like to pair outdoor photography with my end game- a decorative pillow that presents a piece of nature in 3D for enjoyment all year round. The covers are washable and removable. Change them seasonally, or enjoy a tulip anytime, as you might in a bouquet- to remind you of good things to come.Rosawe2

Reminder. Paola Pillows can now be found in Washington DC, at Hines and Company. If you’re in the area, reach out at 202-484-8200. Good people, great place.

RubySlippersOur next program will be direct sales through an online etailer- currently in negotiation. Stay tuned! Speaking of tuning in and red slippers… Amos Lee is a singer songwriter I’ve been listening to from Cherry Hill, NJ.  As sunlight and colors  fade in autumn, nostalgia quickly enters in. What better way to pass the time? “Arms of a Woman” is beautifully rendered.  Even if  happiness is sometimes best achieved being alone and doing what you love.





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