Being at a loss for words is perhaps not the best way to begin a blog entry. Let me get right down to it.

This past week once again heated up in preparation for High Point 2016, the original home decor show in High Point, North Carolina. Conceptually, in our booth, we’re striving for visual delight and comfort. Practically, it takes time to consider what you have, what “look” it requires and how people are going to interact with it. You want a booth to be interesting, where people can wander though a unique space and explore what’s available. Here’s a picture of where we are today.

Trade Show

Yes. We’re featuring Palma at High Point, a Paola pillow in a great green color.

Booth design can lead quickly to mind fatigue. A good  reason to blog. It gives time to consider my thoughts and feelings, and most of all, to look at the creative side. But writing requires that one sits down and stays awake. That’s where it gets tricky.

Trade Show

A white rose? Actually, it began life as a yellow rose.

 We’re churning ahead on the design for a 10 x 10 booth that begins as ten -foot high walls on three sides. Trade ShowYesterday, I ordered fabric for wall/counter coverings. The design time uses a ton of computer memory; I stared into space for LONG periods waiting for megafiles to write. The white rose is very sculptural in an uncomplicated way. I’m planning to re-introduce it in pillow form. We’ll see how the counter wrap looks on the floor.  It’s another

part of my product testing process. Consumer feedback. People can register to win free pillows but as always, we’ll be looking for insight to help us design forward.

Since the walls are white, I  prepped and uploaded two garden photo files to print to fabric. I’m creating an “Impressionist effect” in our booth. After color correcting and improving the photos, they were enlarged almost three times, softening colors and detail. I hope the resulting florals will offer respite from white walls. We’re looking at  grey interlock carpeting to tie things together and quiet the space. Foot -weary buyers can seek refuge on a cushioned floor.

And where will the pillows go???  TBD. We’re creating a full size layout in the basement today so we can see how much room we have …then, off to Ikea next week for idea shopping on pillow display.

Music can be a great tranquilizer. So, we’re headed south so why not a little Carl Jackson? Carl Jackson, is a Mississippi Musician’s Hall of Fame member and multiple Grammy winner singer/ songwriter from Louisville. Carl was one of those kids on his way to stardom at the age of eight. He performed with many of the greats, including Glen Campbell. More bio here.



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