The weather gave us a short series of sunny days to clean and stain the front deck. It’s taken roughly 500 days to get here. (We missed last year entirely) Happily, I was able to take short breaks to visit our little cactus- boasting four flowers this year- three in a row! 

Deck Refinishing

Friday, we taped, wet down and applied cleaner and brightener to the mahogany deck. The process is challenging- you wet the wood, apply the product, let it sit for 15 minutes, scrub the surface with a bristle brush, and rinse it off. Sunday, we stained and rubbed the oil-based protectant in by hand.

Nicely bare, drying mahogany up top looks very grey until the stain applied Sunday. Many hours later.
I first cleaned, taped, cleaned and brushed on varnish on the front door surround. The front of the house takes a weather beating. I had to get it done before we started staining the deck. Taping always takes the longest.
The cactus came to life as we labored over the deck.

A New Scarf Design!

Clawing back finally from a computer breakdown, Late Summer is the first of my new scarf designs for Fall 2019. Did you know that sunflowers and morning glories bloom as late as October in Connecticut? I grew the flowers a few years ago but am always inspired by end of season blooms.

I love sunflowers and morning glories. Wrap yourself in Late Summer. coming soon- end of summer!
I had to draw out the petals of this flower as the original image only exists as a rectangle.

Jenna Nicholls turns heads all over the world. She’s performed in diverse venues including Beacon Theater NYC, and Carnegie Hall. This song is called Home, from her 2018 album Radio Parade. Love the visuals too. Haunting. Jenna plays assorted string instruments, including ukele. Love the voice- and her sound effects too! This song is from the NY Trad Fest in Nov. 2018.  

Sometimes,Tonya wears her Dancing Tulips scarf as an over skirt. Do you love it? See our other designs. So many to choose from! Stay tuned for our cactus scarf.

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