It was a cold and very sunny day in NW Connecticut. Which meant that a brief foray into the garden for stick picking was…brief. It also meant that in order to indulge in happiness, I must write about ESCAPISM.

I put our front door Valentine decorations out today to be in sync with the local medical goods supplier (who has  pink paper doilies under plastic on the desks and fake tissue roses on the counter). Does it get any better? I sure hope so.


                                             Pink. Perfect. Peachy.

There’s something about Valentine’s Day that gets my crazy going. What outrageous thing might I do this year? Maybe that feeling is just because of the demise of another year of holidays. And then there’s the cold.  I’ve decided to have a HUGE sale- 50% off on rose pillows. There are THREE different roses to choose from. You have to buy three- of one kind or three different ones – you pick. Know anybody who needs a little cheer this time of year??????? Why not for yourself? This price is only good if you buy them direct from me, the artist and grower. Reach out and they’re on their way.


                               Ibuku Builders

Onto architectural escapism. I saw a TED talk by designer, Elora Hardy and thought it just the ticket. She works exclusively in homes built of bamboo. Elora Hardy is the CEO and creative director at Ibuku, a Bali-based team of sustainable builders.

In part, Elora attributes her inspiration to her mother’s having built a dream house from her childhood sketch,and her Dad’s commitment for working with sustainable materials on the island of Bali. In Bali, bamboo grows incredibly fast. One meter in three days. Each year plants send up a new generation of shoots. Think about how prolific weeds are in good garden conditions of full sun and rainwater. Bamboo is like wild grass, and it’s both hollow and very strong. Ideal characteristics for building materials. More here too about a family of Eco Gypsies, Elora’s father John and family.


The plain bamboo floor was a perfect complement to our eclectic color and antique decor mix.

You don’t need to escape to Indonesia to enjoy bamboo. How about New England? Since we’re mad about ranches with an Asian garden feel, we went for bamboo fencing outside and blonde bamboo flooring inside. The durability and ease of care surpasses any hardwood I’ve known. And, you can get that modern, hip look.

I can’t say enough about Cali Bamboo, a bamboo company we discovered online a few years ago when we did our house. They have quality product, price and SERVICE that outdid near and far. And I’m not getting paid for this!



The early spring Viburnum lends a Japanese feel, don’t you think? Cali Bamboo ships the bamboo in rolls and specs out the frame which you build locally. I treat the bamboo every three years or so.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day incoming. Nat King Cole- One of the great romantics. When I fall in love. Natalie Cole- Nat’s daughter- A virtual duet, with great black and white photos too. Great voices run in the family.

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