Roses came to mind today as I’m working on a new scarf featuring some of my rose photos. Although I used to raise hybrid teas, I rarely grow roses now as our property is very shady. So, I buy those flowers who pose on occasion. The Meadowsweet Spiraea Japonica (aka Spirea), featured in the photo is from one of our bushes. They were prolific this year, and offer a wonderful backdrop for the roses -even managing to steal some of their thunder. Speaking of growing things. It’s that time of year to celebrate the New England Harvest. With festivals of all kinds!

Down on the Farm


Back 40 Farm- The Long View. Yes, that scary shadow lower right is me

Back 40 Farm is a family-owned business tucked into 85 acres of land in Washington CT. We had the good fortune of visiting the farm for a tour that was part of a benefit for the Washington Environmental Council.

Back 40 is staggeringly beautiful and like many organic farms, has its own bees and lovingly cared for land complete with a sunny tractor by the name of Robin. The cultivated land is far less than the 85 acres but nonetheless provides produce for several local retailers. The Back 40 Farm Group founded a restaurant and retail group based in Greenwich. More about the restaurant and retail here.


Indeterminate tomatoes

We got to the farm, end of day on one of the most beautiful days this season. FestivalsIt was such a peaceful feeling being there I was reminded of myriad end-of-summer days from childhood when we fled Washington DC for upstate New York where my mother’s family came from. We spent endless time roaming out-of-doors from morning till dark. Heaven.

Indeterminate tomatoes grow kind of “wild looking”, bearing fruit until frost. I did not know that. Determinate plants grow to a compact bush shape, ripen all at once and then die back.

Every building should have a grass covered ramp. This doorway opened into a full two- story basketball space-I kid you not.


Now what???

Wrapped up for the road, this tulip magnolia is lucky to be alive. It’s been growing a lot and we ran out of hill space between a blue spruce and the azaleas. My husband agreed we’d never move a shrub of this size again. What a nightmare. And we only moved it maybe eight feet? We’re feeling the pain. Ever move a 24-inch root ball on a steep hill? Don’t.


End-of-day garden- home again!






A shortlist of upcoming outdoor and festival events in New England this week and weekend. Indulge!

Music Fest

Black Bear Americana Music Fest– this Columbus Day weekend in Goshen CT. Oct. 4th– Oct. 8th

Warren Fall Festival-Warren Woods Town Park, Warren, CT- October 6 – 7

Mystic Seaport Chowder Days Festival- Mystic CT-Oct. 6 – Oct. 8

For the Mystic event and MORE..

Fall Foliage Festivals

Warner, New Hampshire- – Friday, Oct. 5- Sunday Oct. 7th

Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom Annual Fall Foliage Festival – Barnet- Friday, October 5

Best Fall Food Festivals in New England

Apples, chowder, cranberries and more..

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More about the man

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