I sliced into a photo from a paper wasp nest to create a backdrop for the red pillow I call Rosa. Happy Valentine’s in advance! Nature’s fabric is a recurring theme in my artwork- I see it in every plant, flower or…insect nest. I’m crazy about the look of the material that wasps make their homes out of. It’s similar to paper and is the result of the wasps chewing wood into pulp and then sticking it together with saliva to form a honeycomb-type home. It’s quite amazing to look at the variations in shape the nest takes as they build it.


                                          Maison & Objet

I’m always fascinated by the different kinds of fabric newly available for our clothes and home. There’s a biannual trade show held in Paris in January and September called Maison & Objet.  It’s dedicated to lifestyle, design and home décor. Having just toured the New York Now show last week, I enjoyed seeing some  European design solutions that are a little more “out there.” And colors! This year, some exhibits took to the street too, not just in giant showrooms. Do they remind you of the French Impressionists colors?

Take some time when you have it- you might get inspired! http://www.maison-objet.com/en/paris/pages/videos


                 Maison & Objet

I was looking for fabric resources online. Here’s a primer on different types of fabric that might be of interest. Decorator fabrics 101 The author writes primarily about the functional differences of natural vs. synthetics fibers. There’s more. Most of us want to know how fabric breathes if we’re wearing it, or how it feels to put your cheek against the soft cotton on decorative pillows for example. And  whether they’re washable.fabric

People with young families in particular might want to watch this video about fabrics used in the home. It’s called “A wake up story”. I watched it through as I was afraid it might just be about fear mongering. Not too much. Nothing wrong with taking a step back to consider what you want in your home, especially for your children. The chemicals used on clothing and furniture are cumulative. One kind over time and many in tandem. They add up. Fibers rubbing off your couch on little hands every day. Something to consider.

If you’re still interested and have specific questions about chemicals and fabrics, these ladies are very well schooled and full of info: http://www.oecotextiles.com/ecostories.php

Here are some online places to shop for fabric.



              One of my rose pillows was featured on HOUZZ online!

Here’s the page on HOUZZ. (You have to scroll down).

This is one place I sell. We have three rose pillows on sale now on HOUZZ

(Click on Decorative Pillows, or All Pillows)

With Valentine’s around the corner, I’m always looking for a romantic jazz interlude. Diana Krall doesn’t disappoint. Popsicle Toes



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