Summertime offers respite from the din of everyday, everywhere. Even after traditional school years are over, people continue to forge summers that include some form of vacation from yearlong obligations. Fun, relaxation and contemplation.The rain of the past few days and its intermittent hot spells are more tropical than anything I’ve ever experienced.

Forest Bathing

A July garden in Litchfield, between the raindrops

Forest Bathing (from the Japanese “Shrinrin-yoku)” is an apt concept for vacation activities. A “letting go “ of the frantic pace many of us either choose or are forced to maintain that can be challenging to our health.  Forest Bathing offers respite by an immersion into nature.

If you’ve traveled in LA, even if you love it, you understand that part of its charm is the cacophony of very different people and places jamming together. I spotted an article in the NY Times that offers quiet access to LA “Shinrin-yoku”. Love the gardens. Which garden would you choose to walk? Finding Yourself in Los Angeles

Forest Bathing

The Last Bookstore, a tunnel of books!

Do you indulge in summer reading? What I like is that you don’t HAVE to go away physically- any great story is an escape, without traveling through airport security.  Unfortunately, our book club is on vacation so it’s time to hit the library on my own. I was pleased to discover some great selection options.

PBS Summer Reading List

Local Indie Book Expert Selections

And if you happen to be in the LA area, I’m told that The Last Bookstore, is a “must visit”. A new,used  and enormous bookstore in downtown LA.

Forest Bathing

Lilies love the rain

Paola Pillows are soft, colorful and completely washable. Their images come from my gardens. See them here.

Forest Bathing


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GINKGOA is New Yorker Nicolle Rochelle and her partner Antoine Chatenet. She hales from New York, he lived in Paris. After four years touring in Europe, Nicole learned of Antoine Chatenet, an internet phenom, in a Paris Jazz club. Serendipitously, both the musicians and their music meshed. The rest is history.

Their combined musical style has many names. Futur Swing, Electro Swing, Pop, Pop Electroswing, Electronic and Jazz to name a few. They admit to one purpose ” to make generations of people dance, sway, and sing along to melodies that stay in your head long after they’ve left the building. Works for me! Boy Bounce


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