The hot new color in the top ten for this Spring is Pantone’s Green Flash. With the first snowfall here in Litchfield behind us, thoughts  turn again to planting. Well, planning for it anyway. Consider repotting some houseplants. Several of mine are patiently waiting for me to help them out.

In early spring before anything else changes outside, the color green re-emerges as grass, bushes and buds. Green is quite the romantic color. It’s often associated with nature, fertility and life. Here are some other thoughts about green you might  find interesting from Jennifer Bourne

The color green is the most restful, relaxing color to the eye because of its spectral wavelength. (?) Here’s something about that. It might be helpful next time you’re considering using the color green in your house. I chose green for the outside of our barn but had it mixed with white to soften it and blend into the landscape better. BarnwebThe yellow on the windows was a nod to fall colors and…maybe lifesavers.

Did you know that when you’re working with the color green inside a feng shui house, it’s important to have several colors of green in order to bring out its healing effects? I wonder- do houseplants count? I have way too many right now.

Speaking of a not so beautiful green, I finally took my Christmas tree down and carted it outside. Honestly, it’s the lights I’m loathe to put away. (Before I forget-here’s a little article I found about the best place to put your tree next year- more feng shui).

Green Flash

Raspberry Hosta

I love this song-“When I fall in love, it will be forever.” Natalie Cole produced a virtual duet with her father Nat King Cole. It reminds me of growing plants. The perennials die every fall, but they come back again in Spring- isn’t that like living forever? I like to think of Natalie and her dad in that way. Great voices, great voices together.

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