The hosta leaves are coming into their glory. You can see how closely they resemble fabric- in their texture and how they curl around themselves in the sun. (And yes, I did place one of my favorite pillows Palma, inside one of the brand new hosta leaves- as it emerges just outside the front door).

The hosta is located just outside the new shade garden we’re building. This week we finalized the layout for the hardscape- a continuation of the brick patio that runs alongside the house. It looks like this.


Inset is existing topo. Top image shows new patio extension and clean-up at house corner.


New garden layout

Next week, we’ll schedule a clean-up of big rocks we can’t move ourselves, plan the new drainage based the ever-changing beds and walkways. I’ve  re-drawn the garden layout again, with only a slight nod at plantings. Each time I get one or        another piece right….and it leads to more questions/changes about another! Today, I started thinking about seating…where could one sit and have a private space for herself to read…hmm.


                            Bellamy Ferriday Garden  Bethlehem, CT

I’m developing a healthy respect for garden designers. Here’s a look at the Bellamy Ferriday Garden in Bethlehem where I was shooting today. Evergreens. Another whole category. You want your garden to look good in winter too right?  I was reminded by my husband today that the latest plant layout is still looking pretty high maintenance. Oh, oh. He’s right.

This weekend, we’re headed up to Northampton MA, to check out a long running craft fair. I was juried in for October. Time to see another pillow venue for Paola Pillows. Paradise City Festival. A good friend is traveling north from Greenwich and we’ll leave from here to head out together. It will be a great time. Besides, we need to take a break from the garden! Tree peonies are in bloom…And the lupine is outstanding too- in case you were thinking it’s all green out there.  hosta


Good friends, consummate musicians. They make beautiful music together. Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler- 1987. Wonderful to watch them play. Instrumental Medley 

Happy Memorial Day!!! Paola Pillows are on sale through May 31. In honor of Decoration Day-aka Memorial Day. Buy pillows here.






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