Just remember. You can’t do it alone. At some point all growers understand that. I am constantly waay over my head with stuff that needs doing in the garden. SO, anytime, I’m showing photos of my latest idea or a growing tip about something, just remember, we are not alone in a private little outdoors- the world continues around us.

I haven’t yet lifted a stick to stock the barn with our winter wood supply. That was all Larry, and the display you see is only half of it.growing

It always feels like an endless cycle of maintaining order outside. And then the inevitable stretching…to include another area or essential change. With the additional new beds this fall, I was impelled to install some evergreens, then added a few new perennials (on sale), and don’t you know we have to have some bulbs or the beds will be totally bare next Spring…! At the same time, the beds will largely go to winter bare as I need time to think through what plant might go where.


Hadspen Blue Plantain Lily-a hosta with smaller,green-grey leaves; lavender flowers.


Aphrodite Hosta-ridiculously large white flowers that smell like…honeysuckle? It’s really true.


Lavender berries with yellow green leaves in fall- right now!

Let me introduce you to some new plants. My yard is always in shade so hostas have always been the natural solution around trees. Then came along two hostas I’d never seen before. A couple shipped in bare root…(Be sure to soak them a couple hours before planting). Throw in some compost. Water well every day or so and get them well established before the snow falls. I just started these yesterday. And then there was the beautiful Callicarpa dichotoma-Purple Beautyberry-pinkish white flowers in late spring.

This weekend, my husband discovered a local performance by a couple travelling singer /songwriters- who’ve shared the stage together for over 30 years. A beautiful love song by John Gorka – “Love Is our Cross to Bear”

And, performing partners, John Gorka and Cliff Eberhardt-“Land of the Free.”

By the way.. You can buy some Paola Pillows and never have to weed them because you know I take care of that!

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