It’s been said that Halloween marks the time when the fabric between life and death is at its thinnest. Maybe that’s the underlying reason why people get spooked. Or, maybe it’s because we’ve  been commercially conditioned to scare each other on Halloween since childhood.


Cemetery tour guide. Somebody had to do it

This year for the second year running, I guided people though a New England cemetery tour. If you get an itch to be a part of Halloween festivities and like me, you don’t live where hoards of gullible children darken the door, many local historic properties offer interesting local history programs. And they’re always looking for volunteers.


The Medusa story re-visited. “Help, she’s stoning me!

Dressing up as dead was always fascinating to my boys-even after they got too old to “trick or treat”. My son, Aaron is an artist living in Brooklyn. Each year, Aaron and his wife outdo themselves. (Some say the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.)


Bauhaus party goers

Artists know how to party. Some mid-century artists (like the rest of us), didn’t buy off- the -rack costumes. Costumes by the Bauhaus.


Can you say digital artwork for lampshades? This mid-century Italian art pot is looking for one.

If you’re a traveler, there are many places to visit on Halloween. Consider these sometime.

And, speaking about mid-century things, last week we bid on some mid- century home furnishings. We got the lamp! We found it at Black Rock Galleries  in Bridgeport. Are you bored by lots of lighting you see in stores? Here’s an interesting site to look at.

Irish singer/songwriter, Fergus O’Farrell suffered from Parkinson’s Disease for many years before he passed in 2016. His band, Interference, often played locally in County Cork due to his health.

Darkness doesn’t have to be  just just dark and scary. It can be a time for reflection. Fergus overcame great physical adversity and chose to perform through it. For all those who suffer from illness or isolation, music offers comfort. Dark Days.



Paola Prints pillows will help you celebrate life in the garden all year long. I photograph my plants and flowers during the growing season, and re-imagine their images into surface design printing for fabric. See more pillows here! More coming soon, and not just pillows any more…

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