How much do YOU know about candy corn? I’m a huge fan. Straight sugar and the texture..So apparently are many others.  Did you ever wonder WHY it’s called candy corn? 


The story of candy corn. Got any leftovers? Candy corn cookies! 

I’ve been sewing like crazy for holiday craft fairs but you can order direct from me too. Don’t delay as it takes almost six weeks for original art to your door and Christmas IS around the corner. 

Fair time is here and I’m thrilled to say we have eight new designs. Four are the original chiffon scarf, and four are our brand new all cotton infinity scarf just in time for chilly weather. I still haven’t got photos for all of them so be patient. Soon!

Our brand new chiffon scarf..what shall name it? See more here.

We’re doing three fairs – all are in Connecticut:

Saturday, November 9th, Cromwell Middle School, in Cromwell, CT-9-3:00 pm. The 45th Annual Central CT Community Women’s Club event. 

Thursday, November 14th, 5:-00- 7:30 pm – Brandywine Senior Living in Litchfield CT 

Saturday, December 7th, Bristol Historical Society 12th Annual Holiday Craft Fair-10-4:00 pm, Bristol CT 

Something magic in the form of darker evenings, fall colors and solar lights coming twinkling on.

It’s Halloween. You’ve got to love this song. Ring any bells? The Monster Mash. A Bobby “Boris” Pickett original (he co-wrote it) Bobby may have been a one hit wonder but he made a name for himself, paid his bills and lived to a ripe old age. And it LOOKS like he had a good time too. He was born in Sommerville MA and died in LA- the only active performer whose original recording made “the top 100” on three different occasions.

The pianist on Monster Mash was non other then blues great Leon Russell. His first live performance back-up band was a new group called The Beach Boys. He was later backed up by Van Halen in the 70’s.

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