Hank Mobley, like many great musicians, had early childhood exposure to lots of music. His mother, grandmother and uncle played piano. His uncle played six other instruments and encouraged him to play sax. Hank started alto sax at sixteen- switching to tenor sax, playing for hire a few years later.

I enjoy sharing a link to music as part of every blog entry- whatever strikes my fancy. Maybe you’ll discover some interesting music. What does music have to do with pillows?

Luxurious Paola Pillow

La Violetta came from a beautiful hybrid lily.

I think music is part of the fabric of life. There’s a kinship between the visual and audio arts. Music has the power to inspire, soothe and connect human experiences.

This piece by Hank Mobley conjures up good memories of late night or holiday celebrations past. I have great expectations for life in 2015- I hope you do too! http://youtu.be/gFhhhGUs_24

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If you liked what you heard, here’s more about Hank Mobley: http://www.jazz.com/encyclopedia/mobley-hank-henry




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