What are your Valentine’s Day memories?  At least as far back as the 1700s, people have been exchanging Valentine cards.  No surprise then that growing up, our experience included cards except that we always made our own -on a kitchen table littered from one end to the other. Every shade of red and pink, glue, sparkles and of course white lacy doilies. I LOVED it. Making the cards was the most fun about the day that I remember. What are your memories? What will you do this year? We bought my daughter and her husband tickets to a Valentine’s Day/dinner class- they’re making their own meal together- what fun! More about Valentine’s Day history.

It was warm enough today to drag my daughter outside for a photo shoot. A new scarf called “The Blues” is a deeper set of colors suited to winter and romance.

Preparing for events, parties or holidays has always been of great interest to me- even more than the event itself. I suppose that’s the curse of a visual artist. I’m sure some of the envy I feel for musicians is that their art form by default involves sharing their talent with others. My experience of craft fairs is that artists really enjoy one another’s company. Sales are a bonus that don’t necessarily happen as often as they might.

A few years back, part of my job working on our house renovation was gathering up ideas for a particular part of the house and putting the elements together visually, so we could then discuss it. Challenging but it was a real way for my husband and I to reach agreement on what directions made sense to us both, or hash out changes we needed to make.

Follow the black arrows. Kitchen cabinet drawing to the left, to the right, the actual cabinets in place. Very exciting, but not unpredictable given our planning.
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