Ancienne is a pillow of a certain age. She has character.  And a certain “je ne sais quoi” we all hope to have, right? This photo reminds me of the beach. Today, we went to Cape Cod National Seashore and took a walking tour about the arrival of the Pilgrims in Eastham, their farming and overall impact on Cape ecology. Fascinating. Beautiful place.Beach2

The colors in most beach shops are all nautical- whites and blues. I’m always curious to wander through home décor shops near the water. So much is about “matching to” water, birds and sky. But why? I’m crazy about the ocean. I adore the hot sun and beach. But I will always lust for the flowers and greens of my gardens. It softens the world. We all need that too.

As thoughts turn inside with cooling weather, I am mindful of the inside of my home. I suspect that’s true for others- what needs attention, where might I hang new art, what furniture should I move around to create new sitting areas?

I found the following slides interesting. Check out the gold and solid accent walls. I can’t get enough gold in life. It adds that something special. And something special is always good, agree? I like this article more for the images alone- It’s food for thought as you consider your own home.

Country music always brings me home. I’m not sure why except it often brings out the grit behind the romance. Something you don’t see in the everyday. The road to the American Dream is paved with hard work and missteps. Romance is the break we take from it. Check this out. Martina McBride.


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