In the world of flowers and colors hostas do well as a faithful border plant, returning each spring and spreading as required, blooming innocuously in the shade. Nothing much to write home about. Then I discovered the hosta plant that I feature on several Paola Pillows and I developed a whole new respect for hostas. Large, heavy textured leaves that mysteriously let the sunlight shine through. Big creamy stalks of blossoms that call gardenias to mind. I’ve become a huge fan.


Something To Crow About Dahlias. A family owned farm- they grow and ship the most fabulous dahlias!







This time of year in Connecticut, it’s still a little early to think of Spring planting- even though I just got a note about my new dahlia tubers coming in April. (I’m experimenting with dahlias this year- having discovered some astonishing ones practically next door in Cornwall Bridge).

How to escape winter without traveling to California or beyond.

Here’s a tune to brighten your day.  The look is period.

And, check out some tropical flowers to cure the winter cold. It sure works for me. Click on the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden Tour Photo Gallery on the link below for stunning flower images.

And don’t forget that Paola Prints offers fresh, year round blooms you don’t even have to leave home for… Nine designs are available to order February, 2015. Subscribe here and we’ll keep you posted where you can buy them:


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