Growing up, we took lots of road trips. My mother was always well prepared. We had all kinds of reading, books with puzzles and word completion games. My favorites were always the ones with hidden pictures or comparing seemingly similar photos, trying to find the ways they were different.

One of the things I love about smart phones is the capacity for finding new information. It’s not too different than working with comics, puzzles and dictionaries. Tanleaf

Just back from NY NOW in NYC. It was quite a show. I have great respect for the people who sell there. It’s a long tough stretch and so many booths! A few people I admired:

Alena from Seattle:

Irene from NYC:

Melissa from NYNY:

Kudos to you ladies; AND, so as not to appear sexist: Hidden Roses

By the way, I saw at least two shops specifically devoted to men’s accessories. Very interesting new twist. Can you say millennials? And, made in America.

So, what was the take away? Manufacturing is a challenging field. It’s one thing to have a great idea, expend time and energy in realizing it, but then what? The business of taking it to market is enormous and a lot comes down to understanding, accepting and then going after your market. Having been in the arts for so many years, this last phase has been an eye opener for me. I’ve met a lot of great people who have helped along the way.

I promised last week to bring new things of beauty to each post. Now, don’t take this wrong. Both of these stories could be construed as “downers”- unless you listen with your heart. Beautiful.

I saw this show last night. It’s a story about love of life. Very touching and sure to arrest you. It made me feel in awe of this couple.

Secondly. My sister in law shared a music video. Like the black and white? She recently discovered an Irish singer/songwriter, Fergus O’Farrell. His band, Interference, spent a lot of time playing local in County Cork as he suffered from Parkinson’s. Love the music-love the writing of Dark Days.

And.. don’t forget the roses for Valentine’s Day!


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