This time of year, I’m generally trying to shake off the old and get into the new side of life. Some of that just requires opening my eyes and allowing new things in.

The photo above I took on a nearby lake in early Spring- just about this time. Everything fresh, still lightly colored. Taking comfort in nature is also about being quiet and looking around you.

I was planning to go out and rake today but woke up to a steady rain. What’s the message there? So at breakfast I began reading about feng shui -as I’ve always been curious about it. In Chinese culture, wind (feng) and water (shui) are associated with good health. In feng shui theory, each color is considered an expression of one of five feng shui elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Each of the elements governs a specific area of your home. You map your home by compass to determine where best to supply different areas with good energy. Bringing the outside in.

It’s challenging after a long winter not to feel cut off from the outdoors, mostly I hide from it.  Later in the day, the rain stopped and I was able to go outside  to continue raking off the flower beds. It felt good.

I’ve been talking with buyers and strategizing over new design tests- a lot of head work. I sent this image out for its second print- a yellow rose I took last  year -can’t wait to see it on fabric.Yellow-Rose

Immerse yourself in the outdoor images of this older John Denver video of late winter/early spring, shot in Oregon and Washington state. Makes Connecticut today feel almost balmy. Not a bad idea.

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