I created this photo in honor of a holiday tradition I follow religiously every year: Indulging in good memories of the past by re-creating them in new ways.

Almost everybody identifies the traditional colors of Christmas as red and green. How about pink and mint? My theory is that pink and mint colors transport you more quickly into the realm of holiday tastes and smells. Peppermint candy canes for the tree and colorful Christmas cookie butter frosting. Christmas is a multi-sensorial extravaganza that should be smelled, tasted and enjoyed weeks ahead of December 25th.

We always made wreaths early in anticipation of the Advent season that begins four weeks before Christmas. My favorite part was having neighbors in for wreath making parties so every household would have at least one. We drank hot cider, (sometimes spiced with rum) sang carols, ate homemade cookies and built our wreaths. Each family brought things they wanted on theirs and we supplied greens, holly, string, ribbon and pine cones. The house smelled DIVINE- before, during and after.

Today I took down my autumn leaf garlands and am pondering the kind of greens to put up. We’re going red this year on the outdoor lights. I like to change it up each year and since the house is painted green, it’s all good.

Pillow making for me is a process that begins in the garden and continues for months inside until the image created on the fabric looks beautiful and is sewn to exacting standards. I hope you’ll find some pillows that will become part of your great memories of home. Subscribe here so we can keep you posted when they’re ready. https://paolaprints.com/subscribe/

Tennessee Christmas- a sweet duet by Vince Gill and Amy Grant recorded in 2011. http://youtu.be/hOXqc7Tq6y0 

Don’t forget the most important part of any time of year – being together with family and friends.

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