To some extent, “getting into the holidays” can incrementally increase tension. Anybody else feel a certain amount of increasing stress over… gift expectations, family time, whatever? I found an article written by Arthur C. Brooks that helped me, it might also be of interest to you. An excerpt…

“In his classic book “Living With the Himalayan Masters,” the Hindu guru Swami Rama recounts the day his master taught him the nature of “maya,” or illusion. Without warning, his master tightly grabbed hold of a tree and cried out: “Help me! My body has been caught by this tree trunk.” Swami Rama exhausted himself trying to pry his master off the tree, but to no avail. Finally, his master let go, and said, laughing, “This is maya.” He explained that we needlessly attach our fate to external things, bringing misery. The simple solution: Just let go.” Full article here.

Let go

Rosa, a very red Paola Pillow

Working in the visual arts is relaxing for me.  When I design, I feel myself letting go of external tensions. I become freer to be creative, which in turn leads to a more balanced approach to those external stressors. I think it’s important for a person to find a peaceful internal place to build on. Especially at holidays and other stressful times.

That said, it’s a funny dynamic that people hire decorators to design their own personal living spaces. I found the concept challenging myself when we re-did our house but in the end, we were fortunate to find people who had the expertise we needed AND were real listeners. That’s really key-as it’s a really special decorator who’s both capable and sensitive in creating a space that makes a client feel “at home.” I suggest that if you’re in the market for such a hire, take the time to find someone who will truly listen to you and what your needs are.

I was reminded of a song by the Beatles called “ Happiness Is A Warm Gun.” Weird. I was struck by the title and looked it up. No less striking. ” The title came from an article in a gun magazine John Lennon saw. “Happiness Is A Warm Gun” was the slogan of the National Rifle Association. It struck Lennon as “fantastic, insane… a warm gun means you’ve just shot something.” The song was written by John Lennon and released by the Beatles in 1968.

You can find all Paola Pillows in stock here. You can sign up for my blog here. I’d love your thoughts on matter important to you. How are the impending holidays treating you? Got any new home projects or questions about it? Don’t be shy..maybe we can find solutions together.

Let go



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