Well, I managed to cover the boxwoods this year without freezing to death. The gardens have finally been put to bed in preparation for winter and the holidays. Not before the ground colors conspired to deliver a gorgeous last fall palette of colors.

I’ve been thrilled with the bush covers we bought last year- and learned the hard way to not store them in an unprotected outbuilding. One of them got half eaten last year. Some tips about winter garden care in general.

fall colors
I finally moved some lily- of- the- valley to the edge of the bluestone patio at the house entrance. One of those hard-to-garden spots. We’ll see.
fall colors
We put some new lilies in this year keep an old faithful in good companyand added more tulip bulbs throughout the garden.
This year every azalea and rhode got a taste of holly tone. And some added mulch as their roots are sooo shallow.
Loved the fall colors this year. Rich and variable.
fall colors
The lavender asters returned to add their unique color on the hill.
fall colors
The giant hosta did not disappoint with its sunny gold and green.

We tagged a tree last weekend at Angevine Farm in Warren CT. I can’t tell you exactly what kind we bought. They had a good prices and a huge variety of trees- all very healthy and well pruned. And activities for kids too! We were told it’s best not to cut till next week as it’s been dry enough that your tree might last well if cut too soon. Watering is recommended through the fall until the ground freezes to ensure proper hydration.

fall colors
Ever wonder what kind of tree you bought this year? Try this.

Bristol Historical Society Fair

We’ll be taking scarves and pillows to our third and most picturesque holiday fair held in Bristol on Saturday, December 7thBristol Historical Society’s annual fair, located in their beautiful historic venue will be all day from 10-4:00. Come on down! Details.

Holiday Gift Ordering

It’s not too late to buy a handmade scarf or pillows. We still have some inventory on hand. If you reach out to me by Friday, December 6, I can mail one to you just in time. See all our in-stock scarves here.

Laura, one of our brand new, all cotton infinity scarves- in stock. See them all here.

Music has always been a big part of my life, growing up with a piano playing mother and opera loving Italian father… Besides, what’s not to love about jazz musician, Diana Krall? The Girl in the Other Room. A great tune for holiday planning.

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