Have you ever…

-Leaned back to snuggle on your couch and carefully averted your face from the tweedy pillow surface because it was last cleaned “GOD KNOWS WHEN?”

-Gone to a family-friendly house for a party and secretly wondered if the couch cushions were EVER cleaned? You  choose very carefully where you sit.

-Been honest enough to admit that “spot cleaning” is a euphemism for “never cleaning;” or for soaking an ancient orange stain with a can full of chemicals whose only result is a fake pine smell.

Let’s be real. Most decorative pillows are NEVER CLEANED. Ever.

Choosing fabric for making decorative pillows is complicated. Synthetic fabrics require different printing methods than natural fibers. Different dyes are used based on the material and what you’re doing with it. Water based, pigment printing is generally not used for home décor products because it rubs off with use and can literally change color when dry cleaned.


Maroon Tulip

I chose 100% cotton sateen for Paola Pillows because I like the way it looks, feels and cleans. It’s printed with permanent dyes that react with the fibers so you can wash it like the fine hand washable it is. Unzip the cover and get it done. No delay, no chemicals and no big deal. Dry it flat and touch it up with an iron. Paola Pillows. Art made practical.

If you live in Litchfield, come enjoy a fabulous field of daffodils (same place as the photo I used above) Spring magic for free. More here: http://www.litchfielddaffodils.com/history.php

Spring makes me happy. Martin Sexton has a great voice and is an accomplished singer-songwriter. He’s appearing at Infinity Hall on June 6 in Hartford, CT. http://youtu.be/TswYSWWHo8g

When you’re done cleaning, take a bath, or just inhale… I saw this picture and could already smell the lavender: http://www.seventhgeneration.com/learn/blog/topics/green-cleaning

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