Heading out to NY NOW Tuesday to do homage to many who are displaying their wares and scores of others who shop for new products for the coming year. At present, displaying at Javitts isn’t what this artist is choosing to do with her dollars. I always attend to better understand the general consensus for design, trends and colors. In the end I let nature take its course.

NY NOW Naturally


And besides, how could an artist truly settle for consensus?
My artwork starts outside-in nature. I treasure the colors and shapes I find there. There is tremendous excitement, variety and yes, personality. I use natural forms as a jumping off point. I’ve never been terribly interested in literal representation- shooting the dynamism of light against shadows- overlaying the objects of my study. Waaay more interesting. And full of endless opportunity.

Attending a show like NY NOW I am more of an opportunist passing through and collecting information for my next endeavor. Sorry trendspotters!!

This week, I sat in on a talk about the work of George and Ira Gershin and it only seemed logical to play a Gershwin song tonight. I was immediately taken by ‘S Wonderful– a lovely rendition by Diana Krall (If you like the tempo, listen on for Route 66- a duet by Krall and Natalie Cole).

What remarkable writers the Gershin brothers were. One wrote the music, the other the lyrics. George died at 37. Something to remember if you’re dragging your feet in life waiting for someone or something else to motivate you. Life is short, no matter what you think your life expectancy is, right?


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