It’s Spring and that means festivals and fairs for artists of all stripes. Larry and I have been prepping for days now and just learned that it’s probably going to rain again in the NE.

We have the tent, displays and additional covers ready BUT, will the people come??? We’ll be at booth #52 in the 33rd Annual Bruce Museum Craft Festival, this Saturday and Sunday.

There’s a great collection of artists – all of whom had to be juried in which is often the case for the established fairs. Come on down!

We’ll have our pillows for sale- all ten designs and for the show, we’ll be selling the covers without inserts- easier to carry around. My new scarf designs will be there and orders taken for July delivery. We’re selling them for $39.00 each- a STEAL for a delightfully soft and beautiful piece of fabric- almost 2 yards long for a luxurious wrap.


Then again, there’s making displays and filling the booth – a really big job- thank God for husbands!

Just got the sign from Larry…gotta go finish packing-wish us luck!

This is a great rendition of Van Morrison’s Precious Time. Enjoy the song- time is precious!!!



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