We leave Sunday morning. I’ve been working diligently on finding a wholesale venue in DC and we just might have it. Wish us luck! I grew up in Washington and moved to CT after college. Haven’t been back much and miss it a lot. We’re actually staying in the house I grew up in- ought to be interesting.

Now that inventory is here, I’ve been focused on selling. It’s something I enjoy doing once I’m organized and committed to the process. Of course, those on the other side make all the difference. Working with good people who take the time to respond promptly, do what they say they’ll do, and are honest about what they think- aren’t easy to find. People are busy, I get it. I’ve been on the other side of selling. Treating people respectfully is important. It means a lot, but more than that-it’s the right thing to do.

Annie Lennox had something to say about how people treat each other. Love the hair. I’ve been thinking about blond myself. Stay tuned. http://youtu.be/qeMFqkcPYcg

Read more about our current pillow line here. Reach out, if you’d like to distribute or buy.

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