I attended a two-day PremiereVision Spring 2016 trend event last week in NYC – grateful for a break from preparing for my new decorative pillow launch. I visited as many seminars as I could as I’m always scoping out how Paola designs relate within the bigger world of fashion. The show was primarily concerned with apparel but lines have blurred between home décor and clothing.

The exhibits at Pier 92 were divided into vendors to the trade in Accessories, Fabrics and Textile designs. The seminars were given by trend forecasting companies interested in catching the eye of attending buyers. I sat in on talks by PremiereVision, TrendVision New York, Creative Studio Edelcourt- Trend Union, Design Options, ESP Trendlab and Trendstop. In each, care was given to identify color combinations, textures and styles projected to be of importance for upcoming apparel designs. My interest was in  identifying useful cross currents.

It turns out that “blurred” was not just how I felt but a trend in itself. In addition to home and fashion lines, lines are blurring in clothing design between male and female, adult and child. Hand drawing and computer-generated patterns are combined- sometimes in very convoluted ways. Marrying synthetic and natural fibers however, can be an interesting juxtaposition.

Anything goes. Whites are big and when also used to lighten color, they create softer, muted pastels (a little different from those sunny Mediterranean colors I’m addicted to). Hems and pant lengths are all over the place. Skinny pants persist but straight, comfortable contours and short shorts are re-emerging paired with blouson tops and long chiffon dusters (love the dusters). Traditional camo and nautical patterns are updated with non-traditional colors and prints superimposed on one another. Athletic clothing styles and synthetic fabrics are being assumed into lounge and evening wear.

Enough for now! Here’s my take-away from a design perspective. Technology offers tremendous capacity in

Paola Prints Perfect Rose

A Perfect Rose

getting designers where they need to go. Some years ago I set aside clay, needle, fabric and paint brush to embrace a Nikon and software as my design tools. I didn’t however check my mind or design acumen at the door and decide that technology had the ability to make design whole.

Some of the most exciting outfits I saw in NYC were the straight line, solid pastels and smooth white companion pieces- as elegant as ever they were. (One relies on the balance of clean contemporary décor to feature fresh and wild pillow designs)!

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Speaking of fresh and uncomplicated – try this song by Dana Falconberry: http://youtu.be/-yHUw-rY3H0



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